Mishi Sushi The rolls are pricey, but they are very tasty and, generally, huge slabs of fish.
Orchard Valley Coffee Good coffee they roast themselves and lotsa space. Free wireless internet, to boot!
Psycho Donuts Oddly tasty donuts, with wacky names ... all in a "mental hospital". Plus, some random net.fascists have it in for the place ... going there gives you the added fun of pissing them off! (See the hydar blog for details.)
The King's Head The King's Head is, sadly, dead... and replaced by "the Spot" which is only nice if you're 25 and want to get hammered. Sigh.
Good Tastes This is gone too. I really need to add new stuff to this page...
Coffee Society Decent coffee, open late (either 11pm or midnight, depending). Free wireless internet here...

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