Dan Hydar's Various Haunts

This page can be seen as either a Useful Guide for find some Intetesting Places in Various Cities. It can also be used as a Useful Stalking Tool for the various people that would want to stalk me for some reason. Please use this for the former, rather than latter, purpose.1 This page probably can be copied without express, written consent of Major League Baseball, but why take chances?
Los Angeles This is the city : Los Angeles, California
San Francisco  
Campbell Ca, (and thereabouts) Smack in the middle of San Jose, Santa Clara and Los Gatos. I call it "Souptown"
Las Vegas, NV  
New Orleans, LA  
Portland, OR  
Seattle, WA No hard feelings, but I will call this Craptown for a while.
Houston, TX Just kidding! This is Craptown. No haunts here.
1By using this site, you have already agreed not to use it anyway that would leave be open to a lawsuit. For example, if you were to stalk me, I would be in a possition in which I could sue myself. I will not take the fall for you, pal. I go down, you go down too, see?

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