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Site Description
Bible Gateway Search various translations of the Bible. (Not actually a Catholic site, but the Bible is the Catholic book, so this is on my list!.)
Catechism of the Catholic Church The official, straight from the horses mouth, real deal Church teachings. Accept no imitations! With a handy search engine. If you think you know it all, try this handy quiz to test your knowlege.
Catholic Answers Catholic apologetics. No, this doesn't mean that they apologise for being Catholic! Catholic Answers is a great organization founded by Karl Keating.
CatholiCity Catholic chat site.
Catholic Singles Catholic singles site. You can meet lots of nice people in chat. If there are "not nice" people in chat, that's where I come in. I carry a badge. (I am one of teh chatmasters for the site.)
EWTN Catholic TV and radio. Check out their library for a huge collection of articles, documents and other information. They also have both audio and video feeds available online.
Patristic Writings Early Christian writings of the Church Fathers. For even more early documents, check out this site .
Peter's Net Big index site that points to zillions and zillions of Catholic websites.
The Vatican Yes, the Vatican. Tell the Pope "hi" for me if he's online.
My Files Description
Catholic Books Various Catholic books that I've read, am reading, have purchased, plan to purchase or have otherwise caught my eye. Under Construction!
Sola Scriptura Some notes on sola scriptura. Coming Soon!

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